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Agriemach are a leading supplier of specialist products for commercial and consumer customers. We specialise in products such as Heat and Sound Insulation for engines, Dustbuster Engine Air Precleaners, Exhaust Spark Arrestors and Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems for Stationary Engines.

Established in 1976, the company has grown considerably enabling us to offer over 2000 products of the highest quality and latest development. Our management systems are independently audited to ensure you receive the best possible service and standards, which has given us our ISO9001 accreditation. We offer a dedicated sales team who are always available over the telephone or via email, along with full technical support, installation engineers and project managers. We offer worldwide delivery for most of our product range and can offer products to suit the most demanding environments.

Latest news from Agriemach

Selective Catalytic Reduction | CHP
Agriemach`s customised SCR solutions are designed to suit each and every application based on the required NOx Reduction, Space Constraints and Allowable Backpressure. Our CHP (Combined Heat & Power) SCR Systems use our specifically designed dosing system to map the CHP load variations and automat...
MCPD NOx Reduction for the New HMRC Offices in Stratford – 1.3MWe
Working with one of the UK Leading Diesel Generator Suppliers, Agriemach have engineered a bespoke Selective Catalytic Reduction System for the new power generation plant installed on the roof of the new HMRC offices in Stratford, London.
Selective Catalytic Reduction | Battersea Power Station | AMPS Power 2020
Don’t miss AMPS Power 2020 Issue 3 (page 28) where the Agriemach NOxMASTER™ Selective Catalytic Reduction systems installed over at Battersea Power Station have been showcased. Agriemach worked with fellow AMPS member Clarke Energy Ltd to engineer a suitable SCR system for each of the Jenbacher...
Winter Fuel Protection | Diesel Biocide | Agriepure™ Additives
Protect your fuel this winter using our Agriepure™ Diesel & Biodiesel Biocide. Diesel Biocide can be used as a preventative measure or a cure to diesel bug related issues in diesel fuel. Diesel Biocide is an oil-soluble preservative for the control of bacteria and fungi that cause the degrada...

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