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Diesel Testing Service

Our Agriepure™ Diesel Testing Service uses industry leading equipment, which ensures we take accurate readings of your fuel and provide you with reliable Diesel quality reports.

As soon as we understand the quality of your Diesel, we are able to solutions and advise on any corrective actions that may be required.

We take a reliable sample of Diesel from your tank and pass it through our testing equipment, we can then either provide an instant 'on site' assessment or a more thorough report once the sample has been returned to our facility.

Having full visibility of your Diesel quality, really is the 1st essential step in securing reliable power from your asset. Hospitals, Data Centres and critical infrastructure, simply cannot afford for a generator to fail due to poor fuel quality. 

If power security is essential from your asset, then allow Agriemach to provide the Diesel Testing Service you need!


What are the benefits of using the Agriemach Diesel Testing Service?

  • Industry leading mobile Diesel analyser provides detailed and accurate results on all common contaminants - within minutes.
  • Stress and headache free service, which allows you to focus on your business.
  • OFTEC approved engineers provide support & advice regarding your site and how the Diesel is stored.
  • Our knowledge helps maintain power safety from your asset, clients then often request a Diesel maintenance regime, which we are happy to create.

Agriemach's 3 Stage fuel restoration process.

  1. ​Diesel Testing Service
  2. Diesel Cleaning Service
  3. Agriepure Fuel Polishing
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