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Automotive Fire Stopper Kits

Commercial buildings have fire resistant barriers intended to save property and lives.  There are standards that keep our buildings up to code. All construction firewalls are rated based on the amount of time the firewall will stop the fire from propagating to the other side. They are very effective because the wires and cables that go through them are required to pass test that meet or exceed the rating of the firewall penetrated.  An automobile's firewall is not really a firewall at all.  Most of us call it a firewall but the truth is that there are no standards and no test. No Inspectors and no Fire Marshals. These bulkheads are punctured with a multitude of wires, hoses and cables that are not sealed and offer only minimal protection for the driver or the equipment. Competition drivers are sometimes at speed and in most cases the driver is burned and equipment is damaged.

The Automotive System (standard or HD) includes all the hardware as well as intumescent putty that seals the system as the cables or wire jackets are burnedThere are (2) styles available. 

The Standard version is used for non  competition like restorations

The Heavy Duty version is used in off road, dirt track and stock cars.  Works in conjunction with the Automotive Fire Stop Expanding Foam and the Automotive Fire Stop Sponge.  The Automotive Fire Stop Kit  is available to firestop an entire race car.

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