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Engine And Transmission


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12mm T-handle Deep Socket
One of the most popular sizes for servicing fasteners on motorcycles, ATVs and ATCs. Total length ..
£8.58 incl. VAT
£7.15 excl. VAT
4 Pc 12-point Wrench Set
4 pc 12-POINT WRENCH SET  -  Fits 12-point “serrated” fasteners found on many makes of veh..
£8.34 incl. VAT
£6.95 excl. VAT
48 Pc Professional Low Profile Bit Set
This set cleverly uses offset stubby combination wrench, plus two special 5/16” and ¼” hex adaptors..
£54.00 incl. VAT
£45.00 excl. VAT
Brake Cleaner — 400 Ml
A powerful cleaning fluid for use on parts of brake and clutch systems, eliminating brake squeal and..
£5.10 incl. VAT
£4.25 excl. VAT
Carburettor Cleaner Aerosol
CARBURETTOR CLEANER AEROSOL 400 ML - Removes oil, grease and gum from carburettors and injection sys..
£4.36 incl. VAT
£3.63 excl. VAT
Clear Fine Oil Aerosol
CLEAR FINE OIL AEROSOL 400 ML - High-grade clear, multi-purpose lubricant for use on all types of ma..
£5.16 incl. VAT
£4.30 excl. VAT
Clear Penetrating Oil  Aerosol
CLEAR PENETRATING OIL  AEROSOL 400 ML - Specially blended penetrating release fluid to help rel..
£4.06 incl. VAT
£3.38 excl. VAT
Compression Tester (universal Kit)
COMPRESSION TESTER (UNIVERSAL KIT) This kit will cover virtually every compression test from lawn mo..
£77.94 incl. VAT
£64.95 excl. VAT
Crank Stopper
  The 14 mm threaded bolt, bolts into the spark plug port to lock the engine in place to allow for ..
£10.42 incl. VAT
£8.68 excl. VAT
Engine Chain Hoist
  28” (710 mm) long, heavy-duty chain assembly, helps lift engines and heavy parts up to 100..
£33.90 incl. VAT
£28.25 excl. VAT
Fan Belt Tightener
  This is a simple Tool that makes belt tightening an easy one-man operation.  It will work on most..
£10.42 incl. VAT
£8.68 excl. VAT
Feeler Gauge - 22 Blade Go-no-go
FEELER GAUGE - 22 BLADE GO-NO-GO High quality 3” (76 mm) step-ground blades allows for precise measu..
£12.24 incl. VAT
£10.20 excl. VAT
Feeler Gauge - 33 Blade Standard
FEELER GAUGE - 33 BLADE STANDARD 32 high quality straight blades .0015” to .035” and one brass blade..
£8.34 incl. VAT
£6.95 excl. VAT
Filtermag 360
£47.09 incl. VAT
£39.24 excl. VAT
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Fluid Transfer Tool
FLUID TRANSFER TOOL - Much more resistance to automotive fluids than an ordinary turkey baster, this..
£3.90 incl. VAT
£3.25 excl. VAT
Flywheel Turner
FLYWHEEL TURNER - Designed to engage flywheel teeth and provide leverage to rotate crankshaft to des..
£32.32 incl. VAT
£26.93 excl. VAT
Folding Mechanics Pad
  Portable padding wherever you need it. Two handles Heavy duty PVC construction 1.43" thick..
£30.72 incl. VAT
£25.60 excl. VAT
Fuel Injection Seals & Air Conditioning Kit
  Easily repair air conditioning systems or fuel injectors with this one simple kit. Contains br..
£9.36 incl. VAT
£7.80 excl. VAT
Fuel Injector Harness Disconnector Tool
FUEL INJECTOR HARNESS DISCONNECTOR TOOL - This tool quickly removes and installs fuel injector harne..
£8.94 incl. VAT
£7.45 excl. VAT
Gasket Scraper
GASKET SCRAPER All purpose scraper for removing shellacked gaskets, paint, grease and carbon. Forged..
£6.12 incl. VAT
£5.10 excl. VAT
Glow Plug Socket Set
These sockets have a universal joint for easy replacement and removal of all popular glow plugs. Man..
£22.42 incl. VAT
£18.68 excl. VAT
Harmonic Balancer Installer
HARMONIC BALANCER INSTALLER - Installs harmonic balances or drive pulleys that are pressed in the ca..
£40.42 incl. VAT
£33.68 excl. VAT
Harmonic Balancer Puller
HARMONIC BALANCER PULLER -  Removes the harmonic balancer or pulley from the front of the crankshaft..
£13.78 incl. VAT
£11.48 excl. VAT
Hose Pinch Set - 2 Pc
2 Pc HOSE PINCH SET This pair of small and compact tools pinches off flexible fuel and vacuum lines ..
£6.12 incl. VAT
£5.10 excl. VAT
Impact Wrench Kit
IMPACT WRENCH KIT Loosens rusted screws, nuts and bolts. Use with hammer to provide maximum torque a..
£30.62 incl. VAT
£25.52 excl. VAT
Koul Tool - (large Kit)
Koul Tool —   The Koul Tool is the only tool to overcome the problem of installing braided hose i..
£97.20 incl. VAT
£81.00 excl. VAT
Koul Tool - (small Kit)
Koul Tool   The Koul Tool is the only tool to overcome the problem of installing braided hose i..
£81.60 incl. VAT
£68.00 excl. VAT
Magnetic Parts Dish
MAGNETIC PARTS DISH - This useful tool compliments our range of magnetic products and is designed to..
£9.56 incl. VAT
£7.97 excl. VAT
Multi Port Injection Pressure Tester
 This kit can test the fuel pressure on virtually all makes and models of petrol engine vehicles equ..
£138.00 incl. VAT
£115.00 excl. VAT
Parts Cleaning Brush
PARTS CLEANING BRUSH Excellent brush for cleaning engine and parts. Bristles and handle are made of ..
£3.05 incl. VAT
£2.54 excl. VAT
Piston Groove Cleaner
PISTON GROOVE CLEANER This useful tool removes carbon from ring grooves on pistons — 2”—5 “ diameter..
£18.60 incl. VAT
£15.50 excl. VAT
Remote Control Starter Switch
REMOTE CONTROL STARTER SWITCH - This heavy-duty switch controls any engine with the solenoid starter..
£16.20 incl. VAT
£13.50 excl. VAT
Seal Puller
SEAL PULLER Ideal for removing oil and grease seals on cars and trucks. Manufactured from hardened s..
£10.20 incl. VAT
£8.50 excl. VAT
Serpentine Belt Tool Kit
  The kit releases the tension on belts with spring-loaded idler pulleys.  The extra long handle 23..
£52.20 incl. VAT
£43.50 excl. VAT
Set Of (3) Stones With Cotter Pins (coarse)
£11.94 incl. VAT
£9.95 excl. VAT
Set Of (3) Stones With Cotter Pins (fine)
£11.94 incl. VAT
£9.95 excl. VAT

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