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Spider Type Adjustable Oil Filler Wrenches
SPIDER TYPE ADJUSTABLE OIL FILLER WRENCHES - Three clamping legs are driven by gear mechanism for ma..
£16.72 incl. VAT
£13.93 excl. VAT
SPIN-A-RATCHET Use these fingertip spinners to pre-tighten nuts and bolts until rachet is engaged. P..
£27.00 incl. VAT
£22.50 excl. VAT
Spiral Screw Extractor Set (5 Pcs)
SPIRAL SCREW EXTRACTOR SET (5 Pcs) -  Finest extractors for the removal of broken studs, set sc..
£8.83 incl. VAT
£7.36 excl. VAT
Square Drain Plug Wrench — 8 & 10 Mm
  This S-type wrench allows the mechanic to access hard-to-reach areas, such as Transfer Cases, Eng..
£10.42 incl. VAT
£8.68 excl. VAT
Steering Wheel Holder & Pedal Depressor
STEERING WHEEL HOLDER & PEDAL DEPRESSOR - Another innovative and labour saving tool from Agriema..
£33.00 incl. VAT
£27.50 excl. VAT
Tail Pipe Expander (large)
  This heavy-duty tool made from steel, flares and expands exhaust pipes.  It features an extra lon..
£39.96 incl. VAT
£33.30 excl. VAT
Universal Clutch Alignment Tool
UNIVERSAL CLUTCH ALIGNMENT TOOL - For fast easy alignment of clutch plates.  Complete set offer..
£23.40 incl. VAT
£19.50 excl. VAT
Universal Compression Tester For Petrol Engines
UNIVERSAL COMPRESSION TESTER FOR PETROL ENGINES - Tests compression on all cars and most trucks.&nbs..
£57.60 incl. VAT
£48.00 excl. VAT
Universal Tie Rod End Tool
UNIVERSAL TIE ROD END TOOL - Pulls tie rod ends with a straight firm pull without hammering or pryin..
£59.16 incl. VAT
£49.30 excl. VAT
Hose Clamp Pliers (flexible)
This new tool from Agriemach is essential for servicing hard-to-reach hose clamps.  The shaft h..
£47.99 incl. VAT
£39.99 excl. VAT
Radiator Cap Pliers
  The specially shaped pliers easily engage the radiator cap for quick and safe removal.  It fits a..
£12.16 incl. VAT
£10.13 excl. VAT

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