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Battery Terminal Protector — 400 Ml
Battery Terminal Protector is sprayed on battery terminals to both clean and protect them from air a..
£7.00 incl. VAT
£5.83 excl. VAT
Brake Cleaner — 400 Ml
A powerful cleaning fluid for use on parts of brake and clutch systems, eliminating brake squeal and..
£5.66 incl. VAT
£4.72 excl. VAT
Carburettor Cleaner Aerosol
CARBURETTOR CLEANER AEROSOL 400 ML - Removes oil, grease and gum from carburettors and injection sys..
£4.84 incl. VAT
£4.03 excl. VAT
Clear Fine Oil Aerosol
CLEAR FINE OIL AEROSOL 400 ML - High-grade clear, multi-purpose lubricant for use on all types of ma..
£5.72 incl. VAT
£4.77 excl. VAT
Clear Penetrating Oil  Aerosol
CLEAR PENETRATING OIL  AEROSOL 400 ML - Specially blended penetrating release fluid to help rel..
£4.50 incl. VAT
£3.75 excl. VAT
Copper Anti-seize — 400 Ml
Copper Anti-Seize is a high temperature lubricant ensuring excellent overall protection for metal pa..
£8.59 incl. VAT
£7.16 excl. VAT
Cutting, Tapping And Drilling Spray — 400 Ml
'A ready to use’ Cutting and Tapping Fluid which contains extreme pressure additives to reduce cutti..
£6.53 incl. VAT
£5.44 excl. VAT
Dashboard Renovator Aerosol
DASHBOARD RENOVATOR AEROSOL 400 ML (LEMON) - Cleans, polishes protects, waterproofs and restores the..
£5.14 incl. VAT
£4.28 excl. VAT
Engine Degreaser — 400 Ml
Spray on and wash off – a powerful water based blend of solvents and emulsifiers which is used to qu..
£5.46 incl. VAT
£4.55 excl. VAT
Galve Spray — 400 Ml
Cold Galvanising Spray is specially formulated with micro particles of aluminium flake which firmly ..
£9.71 incl. VAT
£8.09 excl. VAT
Heavy Duty Adhesive
HEAVY DUTY ADHESIVE - AEROSOL 500 ML - easy to use, re-positioned glue which is compatible for use o..
£9.53 incl. VAT
£7.94 excl. VAT
Maintenance Spray — 400 Ml
Multi-purpose spray containing de-watering agents and corrosion inhibitors which instantly displaces..
£5.33 incl. VAT
£4.44 excl. VAT
Pressurised Air Duster — 400 Ml
Pressurised Air Duster is a special formulation of non-flammable gas that is designed to give a high..
£14.65 incl. VAT
£12.21 excl. VAT
Ptfe Dry Film Lubricant — 400 Ml
A dry film lubricant specially formulated for use where conventional oils and greases are not suitab..
£7.86 incl. VAT
£6.55 excl. VAT
Safety Set 2pc
Goggles and mask manufactured to CE standards Typical Retail Price - £3.26 ..
£3.47 incl. VAT
£2.89 excl. VAT
Solvent Based Anti-splatter — 400 Ml
A special non-silicone CFC free formulation which is ideal for use on all forms of welding equipment..
£5.20 incl. VAT
£4.33 excl. VAT
White Grease — 400 Ml
A premium quality anhydrous grease for use in applications requiring good aqueous resistance.  ..
£6.46 incl. VAT
£5.38 excl. VAT
Tygris Glass & Mirror Cleaner - 400ml
Enjoy streak free cleaning of glass and mirrors with this specially formulated cleaner. Powerful eno..
£3.85 incl. VAT
£3.21 excl. VAT
Tygris Tyre Dressing - 400ml
Make light work of cleaning and protecting tyres with this aerosolised premium-quality silicone emul..
£5.54 incl. VAT
£4.62 excl. VAT
Thermotec Exhaust Wrap High Temperature Paint - Black
HIGH TEMPERATURE PAINT - BLACK Preserves and protects exhaust insulating wrap after it has been i..
£15.98 incl. VAT
£13.32 excl. VAT

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