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"c" Clamp - 6" (152 Mm)
"C" CLAMP - 6" (152 mm) - Great for working in tight quarters.  Features heavy-duty constructio..
£6.85 incl. VAT
£5.71 excl. VAT
1" X 15ft Ratcheting Tie Down
  Up to 500 lb. working load limit Durable polyester webbing for security against shifting load..
£5.74 incl. VAT
£4.78 excl. VAT
12pc Combination Spanner Set
£27.28 incl. VAT
£22.73 excl. VAT
2 Piece Clip-on Pour Spout
  Prevent spills Easy clip-on to most fluid bottles Includes spouts for quart and gallon contai..
£3.00 incl. VAT
£2.50 excl. VAT
3 Pc Metric Flare Nut Wrench Set
3 pc METRIC FLARE NUT WRENCH SET- Metric wrenches fit many European automotive tubes fitting applica..
£9.82 incl. VAT
£8.18 excl. VAT
4 Pc 12-point Wrench Set
4 pc 12-POINT WRENCH SET  -  Fits 12-point “serrated” fasteners found on many makes of veh..
£8.34 incl. VAT
£6.95 excl. VAT
4 Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set
  VERSATILE SQUARE SHANKS Every size you'll ever need for almost any prying or lifting job Ch..
£15.36 incl. VAT
£12.80 excl. VAT
40 Piece 3/8" And 1/4" Drive Socket Set
  Small enough to fit under your car seat, it’s the perfect kit for emergency roadside repairs. 3/8..
£9.58 incl. VAT
£7.98 excl. VAT
48 Pc Professional Low Profile Bit Set
This set cleverly uses offset stubby combination wrench, plus two special 5/16” and ¼” hex adaptors..
£54.00 incl. VAT
£45.00 excl. VAT
8pc Whitworth Open Ended Spanner Set
  Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium with polished finish, this Whitworth combination spanner set is..
£28.49 incl. VAT
£23.74 excl. VAT
9-pc Non-sparking Tool Kit
  The kit includes all tools needed for non-spark applications, all packed in a Blow moulded case, ..
£147.96 incl. VAT
£123.30 excl. VAT
Adhesive (heavy Duty)
HEAVY DUTY ADHESIVE - AEROSOL 500 ML - easy to use, re-positioned glue which is compatible for use o..
£8.58 incl. VAT
£7.15 excl. VAT
Adjustable Wrench
150mm/6"  2669 Typical Retail Price - £10.02 ..
£10.80 incl. VAT
£9.00 excl. VAT
Baseball Style Bump Cap, Black
  Get the protection of a bump cap with this baseball style cap. The ABS shell will protect the ..
£9.24 incl. VAT
£7.70 excl. VAT
Bitman Bit Set 33pc
    An innovative plastic case holds 32 x S2 quality tamperproof bits and a quick chuck. Sizes..
£8.40 incl. VAT
£7.00 excl. VAT
Black Automotive Mounting Tape
  This automobile mounting tape consists of a 1/16" thick, double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesiv..
£5.74 incl. VAT
£4.78 excl. VAT
Brushes - Brass Coated Cup Power Brush — 3” (75mm)
BRASS COATED CUP POWER BRUSH — 3” (75mm) — PM-DA502  Our 3” brass cup brush offers superior finish ..
£2.52 incl. VAT
£2.10 excl. VAT
Brushes - Brass Coated End Power Brush  — 1” (25mm)
BRASS COATED END POWER BRUSH  — 1” (25mm) — PM-DA512   Our 1” brass end brush offers superior fini..
£2.28 incl. VAT
£1.90 excl. VAT
Brushes - Brass Coated Wheel Power Brush  — 2” (50mm)
    Our 2” brass wheel brush offers superior finish and durability, with a ¼” (6.25mm) shank suit..
£2.22 incl. VAT
£1.85 excl. VAT
Brushes - Brass Wire Cup Power Brush — 2” (50mm)
    Our 2” brass wire brush offers superior finish and durability, with a ¼” (6.25mm) shank suitab..
£2.16 incl. VAT
£1.80 excl. VAT
Brushes - Knotted End — 1” (25mm)
  This professional wire power brush is essential for heavy-duty removal of rust, carbon, paint or ..
£8.04 incl. VAT
£6.70 excl. VAT
Clear Fine Oil Aerosol
CLEAR FINE OIL AEROSOL 400 ML - High-grade clear, multi-purpose lubricant for use on all types of ma..
£5.16 incl. VAT
£4.30 excl. VAT
Dashboard Renovator Aerosol
DASHBOARD RENOVATOR AEROSOL 400 ML (LEMON) - Cleans, polishes protects, waterproofs and restores the..
£4.63 incl. VAT
£3.86 excl. VAT
Double Pointed Scriber
DOUBLE POINTED SCRIBER Includes straight and 90º Points for marking in awkward places. Heat treated..
£5.10 incl. VAT
£4.25 excl. VAT
Electrical Tape - 3/4" X 30ft
ELECTRICAL TAPE - 3/4" x 30ft UL approved high-quality tape for all electrical requirements...
£1.01 incl. VAT
£0.84 excl. VAT
Flexible Mechanical Fingers
FLEXIBLE MECHANICAL FINGERS Tightly wound steel spring shaft reaches into awkward places to retrieve..
£10.20 incl. VAT
£8.50 excl. VAT
Fluid Extractor
    v      At last a tool that can extract or transfer any fluid — motor oil, gear lubricant, cool..
£48.00 incl. VAT
£40.00 excl. VAT
Fluid Transfer Tool
FLUID TRANSFER TOOL - Much more resistance to automotive fluids than an ordinary turkey baster, this..
£3.90 incl. VAT
£3.25 excl. VAT
Gasket Scraper
GASKET SCRAPER All purpose scraper for removing shellacked gaskets, paint, grease and carbon. Forged..
£6.12 incl. VAT
£5.10 excl. VAT
Helping Hands
  For Close-up Work Set and hold your work at any angle Great for hobbies, precison soldering..
£5.40 incl. VAT
£4.50 excl. VAT
Hex Bit Sets - Metric & S.a.e.
SAE & (8450) METRIC HEX BIT SETS - Bits packed in vinyl rails.  Includes 2 square drive bit..
£16.72 incl. VAT
£13.93 excl. VAT
Hex Bit Sets - S.a.e & Metric
SAE & 8450 METRIC HEX BIT SETS - Bits packed in vinyl rails.  Includes 2 square drive bit a..
£16.72 incl. VAT
£13.93 excl. VAT
Hex Key Wrench Set (allen Keys) - Metric 10 Pc
METRIC 10 Pc ECONOMY HEX KEY WRENCH SET (ALLEN KEYS) Keys are on a handy key ring organizer and can ..
£5.22 incl. VAT
£4.35 excl. VAT
Hose Pinch Set - 2 Pc
2 Pc HOSE PINCH SET This pair of small and compact tools pinches off flexible fuel and vacuum lines ..
£6.12 incl. VAT
£5.10 excl. VAT
Impact Wrench Kit
IMPACT WRENCH KIT Loosens rusted screws, nuts and bolts. Use with hammer to provide maximum torque a..
£30.62 incl. VAT
£25.52 excl. VAT
Lite'n-boltz Dome -(2 Lighted Bolts & 2 S/s Bolts - Satin Finish
£33.34 incl. VAT
£27.78 excl. VAT

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