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Mechanics Wire - 25ft
MECHANICS WIRE - 25ft High quality wire,  suitable for many applications...
£1.01 incl. VAT
£0.84 excl. VAT
Mighty Cutter
MIGHTY CUTTER   Use this handy quality tool in automotive, marine and aviation workshops.  Produce..
£19.02 incl. VAT
£15.85 excl. VAT
Mityvac Vacuum Pump - Tune-up & Brake Bleeding Kit
MITYVAC VACUUM PUMP - TUNE-UP & BRAKE BLEEDING KIT -   Hand-held vacuum pump performs ..
£57.18 incl. VAT
£47.65 excl. VAT
Nut Splitter
NUT SPLITTER Splits rusted or seized nuts up to ¾” (19 mm). Especially useful for shock absorber stu..
£10.73 incl. VAT
£8.94 excl. VAT
Safety Hammer
"A GIFT FOR LIFE" Agriemach’s new Safety Hammer is the ultimate escape tool designed to get you o..
£9.59 incl. VAT
£7.99 excl. VAT
Safety Set 2pc
Goggles and mask manufactured to CE standards Typical Retail Price - £3.26 ..
£3.12 incl. VAT
£2.60 excl. VAT
Screwdriver - 6 Pc Precision Screwdriver
 PRECISION SCREWDRIVER - 6 pc - Ideal for precision work, hobbyists etc.  Includes four slotted and ..
£4.08 incl. VAT
£3.40 excl. VAT
Seal Puller
SEAL PULLER Ideal for removing oil and grease seals on cars and trucks. Manufactured from hardened s..
£10.20 incl. VAT
£8.50 excl. VAT
Spark Plug Flashlight
SPARK PLUG FLASHLIGHT   The spark plug flashlight, makes an interesting useful quality gift which..
£4.32 incl. VAT
£3.60 excl. VAT
SPIN-A-RATCHET Use these fingertip spinners to pre-tighten nuts and bolts until rachet is engaged. P..
£27.00 incl. VAT
£22.50 excl. VAT
Test Leads
  Two 36" (91cm) jumper leads of 16 gauge stranded wire in heavy insulation for all-purpose ..
£2.92 incl. VAT
£2.43 excl. VAT
Tube Cutter - Large
TUBE CUTTER - LARGE Cuts steel, aluminium, plastic, brass or copper tubing from 1/8” to 1 1/8” (3 mm..
£14.76 incl. VAT
£12.30 excl. VAT
Tube Cutter - Mini
MINI TUBE CUTTER Cuts aluminium, plastic, brass or copper tubing from 1/8” to 5/8” ( 3 mm to 16 mm) ..
£5.62 incl. VAT
£4.68 excl. VAT
Tyre Valve Repair Kit - 4-way
4-WAY TYRE VALVE REPAIR KIT This handy impressive tool repairs and conditions inside and outside val..
£2.82 incl. VAT
£2.35 excl. VAT
Unibit Drill
UNIBIT DRILL - This famous UNIBIT drill is an excellent aid for auto body and general automotive wor..
£29.86 incl. VAT
£24.88 excl. VAT
Universal Bearing Packer
UNIVERSAL BEARING PACKER Services all automative bearings by placing the bearing between the plastic..
£6.84 incl. VAT
£5.70 excl. VAT
Wheel & Tyre Step
Adjustable tyre step for most light commercials and 4x4 vehicles. Adjustment pins mus..
£35.99 incl. VAT
£29.99 excl. VAT
Wire Stripper - 5-in-1
WIRE STRIPPER - 5-IN-1 Superior to all other tools on the market, this 5-in-1 electrical tool cuts w..
£12.30 incl. VAT
£10.25 excl. VAT

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