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Chalwyn Valves

Air Intake Shut Down Valve

Chalwyn Valves are safety devices fitted in diesel engines to ensure rapid and safe engine shut down in the event a flammable mixture is drawn into the engine intake. This can occur when diesel engines are operating where combustible gas or vapours are present. Chalwyn Valves are a cost effective method to shut down a diesel engine on overspeed and prevents mechanical failure which can lead to injury, damage and expensive repairs.

The valve works by shutting off the air intake when fuel is also present in the air, preventing the engine from overspeeding when the valve senses further fuel or air being taken into the engine.

Chalwyn Valves are used by many industries including petrochemical and marine industries where fuel tankers, engines and refuelling equipment may be present. The valves are used to shut down engines fast and safely to prevent any flammable substances causing damage to the diesel engine to which it is fitted. Compatible for all diesel engines including turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines, the Chalwyn Valve is a cost effective way to avoid injuries and damage to machinery.

Agriemach can supply and advise you on the installation of your Chalwyn Valve for your diesel engine. The valve is easy to install and requires little maintenance to ensure a long life protecting your engine from damage.

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