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Chalwyn Valve | Actuated Butterfly Valve

Agriemach recently supported a customer with some onsite installation training for our range of Actuated Chalwyn Valves. The live application training day went through everything from start to finish, such as picking up speed signals, energising the electric valve and installing a manual shut down switch on the dashboard of the vehicle. The benefit of the manual switch allows the operator to prove to site that the valve is installed and working – this offers peace of mind when vehicles are operating in environments such as petrochemical sites where fuel may be present in the air.

The Chalwyn SVR range is a compact butterfly design air intake shutoff valve available with electrical or mechanical actuation. Actuation of the SVR solenoid rapidly closes the valve’s sealing element which shuts off intake air flow into the engine.

The SVR can be used in fully automatic or manual shutdown systems. When incorporating into an automatic overspeed shutdown system, this valve is compatible with Chalwyn CSX-300 range and Revguard speed switches.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible for modern low emission diesel engines
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be mounted post-intercooler on turbocharged engines


For further information on our range of Chalwyn Valves please follow this link, call our offices +44 (0) 1342 713743, or email info@agriemach.com

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