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Hidradep F1m Hydraulic Oil Filtration

Hidradep F1m Hydraulic Oil Filtration
Hidradep F1m Hydraulic Oil Filtration


The problem existing in hydraulic tanks starts with the temperature changes that occurs on them. When the machines are working, the oil flows at a high temperature, which drastically falls when the equipment is stopped. This change in the temperature creates condensation. This means that the tank sweats which generates rust in the tank.

This rust particles are flowing free in the system, and are harmful for the hydraulic system. Also the condensation decreases the lubricating values that the oil needs to have.

Due to this problem it is quite advisable to have a maintenance system like this.


  • 40 Litres Per Minute Flow Rate
  • Suction from 5m
  • Self Venting Gear Pump, 4hp, 220VCA 50hz, by-pass set from 10-15bar
  • Inlet to primary filter 1.5" NPT
  • Protection IP55
  • Outlet from secondary filter 1.5" NPT
  • Primary Filter with absorbing media of 10 Micron
  • Primary Filter head with by-pass & vacuum gauge
  • Secondary Filter cellulose - 1 Micron
  • Trolley Mounted
  • Weight of system dry 70kg

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