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Hd Radiator Stop Leak 1oz

Hd Radiator Stop Leak 1oz
Hd Radiator Stop Leak 1oz
Product Code: PMITW14109
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Stops Leaks Safely, Quickly & Easily, Compatible With Antifreeze. Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak will work faster and stop larger leaks than the so-called liquid stop leaks or the nonmetallic powdered stop leaks. Most "liquid stop leaks" and "non-metallic powder stop leaks" contain powder, wood, paper and other fibrous materials. They simply plug a hole and never harden. Heavy Duty

Radiator Stop Leak contains expensive pure copper particles plus special hardening and sealing agents.

Quick triple action seeks out leaks…fills and seals them with pure copper.

WORKS BEST ON: Radiators. Seals leaks, prevents rust, mixes with antifreeze.



  • Color: Copper
  • Water Resistant
  • Chemical Resistance: water and anti-freeze mixtures.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry environment.


Read the directions on the card completely before starting the repair.

With engine turned off and engine cool, remove radiator cap. Start engine and run to operating temperature.

Be sure radiator is ALMOST full. While engine is running, slowly pour the contents into the radiator. Run engine at fast idle until leaks stop. (If leaks persist, mechanical repairs are probably needed). Replace radiator cap. Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak mixes with water and antifreeze mixtures. Use one vial for cooling system capacities up to 22 quarts. (20.8 ltrs).

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