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These Air Filters have a steel housing. Primary and Safety filter elements are standard. This range is a two-stage air
cleaner system with universal mounting bands. The standard tube-style inlet is suitable for use with a DUST BUSTER Air Precleaner, being in this way the best filtration system for external applications.
DUST BUSTER Air Filters are powder coated for a durable, corrosion resistant finish.
Air flows range from 53 to 1517 CFM (1,5 to 43,0 m3/min.).



Air flows through the inlet tube and the contaminants (dust, dirt, insects and other debris) are retained by the filter elements
(primary and safety stages of filtration). As there is no internal static vanes separator the 100% of the filter surface is used.
The filter elements retain the 99,9% of the contaminants hanging in the air. Then the clean flows to the engine through the outlet pipe.


     Compact and easy to install.
     Wide range of applications.
     High air flow, low differential design.
     Steel housing, powder coat.
     Mounting flexibility.
     Safety element is standard.
     Restriction indicator port is standard.
     Suitable for use with a DUST BUSTER Air Precleaner.
     Standard element replacement.
     Easy maintenance.


These Air Filters are designed to be connected to the air intake of the gasoline, diesel or compressed natural gas engine.
Their applications include agricultural machinery; earth-moving equipment; stationary engines; generator sets; trucks; buses and recreational vehicles; material handling equipment; snow removal equipment and street sweepers.
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