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Gv1 Electronic Gas Fuel Valve

Gv1 Electronic Gas Fuel Valve Gv1 Electronic Gas Fuel Valve
Gv1 Electronic Gas Fuel Valve Gv1 Electronic Gas Fuel Valve


The GV1 gas fuel is an electronic valve designed to provide very fast and accurate air fuel ratio control for Gas Engines.  It can meter Natural Gas, Field Gas, Propane and all forms of Gaseous Bio Fuels.

The GV1 operates as a variable pressure regulator to vary the gas pressure to the carburetor or mixing venturi.  The pressure control command is normally provided by a stand-alone air fuel ratio controller which may be located in a separate control box or in a system or station PLC.

The electronic fuel valve includes an integrated pressure transducer, the electronic circuit, and a gas valve operated by a voice coil actuator. The transducer measures the gas injection pressure. The electronic circuit compares the gas injection pressure to its set point and adjusts the current in the voice coil actuator to regulate the gas flow in order to maintain the pressure at its set point. The control provides integral or "reset" control of the pressure, i.e. there is no droop in the pressure as the flow increases.

The GV 1 is designed to be a full authority fuel valve controlling all of the fuel to the engine before it gets to the carburetor or mixing venturi.  It is designed to operate at up to 28 psig when used in a turbocharged applications or about 2 psig if used for a naturally aspirated engine.

Operating with a pressure control loop in addition to the standard oxygen sensor feedback loop allows the AFR to respond much more quickly to load changes.


  • Full Authority Fuel Valve
  • Works with PLC or Third Party AFR Controls
  • The precise venturi design allows for emissions compliance during all engine conditions
  • Ideal for Controlling AFR on Engines with Single Carburetors up to 500 hp or Dual Bank engines with Dual Carburetors up to 1000 hp
  • Long Lasting – Low Maintenance
  • Agriemach Ltd is willing to work with OEM’s to help with specific engine integration.
  • Low Cost

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