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Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor

Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor
Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor Egc2/egc4 Electronic Gas Carburetor


Agriemach offers a very innovative and state of the art approach to Gaseous Fuel Carburetion for most gas engines in the range of 10 to 500 horsepower. The Electronic Gas Carburetor (EGC) precisely controls the air/fuel ratio using variable pressure control combined with an advanced and improved mixing venturi.  

Improved air and fuel mixing along with a precisely designed and manufactured venturi will make the job of the air fuel ratio controller much easier.   The shape of the throat of the venturi will control the amount of air drawn into the manifold automatically.   Then by varying the upstream fuel pressure being added to the mixing venturi, the EGC product will quickly and very effectively control the air fuel mix to the desired level.   Whether running in a rich burn mode with a catalyst, or lean burn, the EGC will be equally effective at maintaining the desired A/F mix at any engine load.

The EGC provides built in control for a wide band Oxygen sensor that is located in the exhaust stream.   The advantages of a wide band sensor along with the improved mixing and enhanced variable pressure control, make the Electronic Gas Carburetor from CCC, the most advanced fuel control system ever designed for natural gas engines.


The CCC Electronic Carbueretors can be used in conjunction with a 3-way catalytic converter and run in a rich burn (Stoichiometric) mode to meet even the most stringent emission requirements. Because the EGC 2 is used with a wide band Oxygen sensor, the carburetor can also be used in a Lean Burn mode (greater than 4% O2 in the exhaust).   Lean burn can offer many advantages over Rich Burn control such as improved fuel economy, lower exhaust temperatures, and even reduced CO. In either Rich Burn or Lean Burn mode the EGC products will react quickly to load changes and other application specific issues such as changing heating values in the gas supply.

The EGC 2 and EGC 4 are already being used in Gas Compressor units, Power Generation and Combined Heat and Power, Agricultural Pumps, and many other applications using Gas Engines.

Whether you are trying to meet a new emission requirement, run your engine more efficiently, or just reduce engine maintenance and extend engine life, the EGC products will  improve engine operation and efficiency for any application.

All EGC products have optional Electronic Governors.   These governors will directly drive a third part actuator or electronic throttle body to control the speed of the engine.   The integrated governor does offer improved gain adjustment and control over separate and individual governors, and air fuel ratio controllers.  

Configuration Software:

The EGC can be configured and monitored via serial communications and a personal computer.   Valve Viewer (EGC) provides a graphical user interface to adjust and record variables and setpoints including the O2 sensor setpoint and default pressure control as well as all tunables in the EGC.   This configuration software is also excellent for data logging the feedback from the Oxygen Sensor, Pressure Transducer, and the integrated Electrical Actuator.


  • Replaces Mechanical Carburetor
  • Integrated Fully Automatic Air Fuel Ratio Control
  • Rich or Lean Burn Control
  • Improved Air and Fuel Mixing
  • On Board Diagnostics
  • Fast and Accurate Control
  • Potential for Fuel Savings

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