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Blunt Point And Finishing Hammer
     Used for small clearance jobs and low spots in high crown panels as well as general finishing w..
£26.40 incl. VAT
£22.00 excl. VAT
Chisel And Finishing Hammer
  This drop-forged steel hammer is a must for straight finishing and grooving jobs.  Ideal for work..
£26.40 incl. VAT
£22.00 excl. VAT
Junior Slugger Dent Puller
  The finest shop engineered heavy-duty slide hammer with 3 lbs. slide weight.  Features a soft v..
£20.40 incl. VAT
£17.00 excl. VAT
Lite'n-boltz Dome- (2 Lighted Bolts - Polished Finish)
LITE'N-BOLTZ - (2 LIGHTED BOLTS - POLISHED FINISH) Lite’n Boltz were designed for Agriemach Ltd a..
£32.26 incl. VAT
£26.88 excl. VAT
Nib File - Coarse
NIB FILE - COARSE These files remove imperfections on paint jobs, such as dirt and runs, without res..
£16.79 incl. VAT
£13.99 excl. VAT
Pro Block - Sanding Block
PRO BLOCK - SANDING BLOCK New level of holding and working capability with the exclusive thumb grip;..
£16.33 incl. VAT
£13.61 excl. VAT
Radio Removal Tool Kit
  Ideal for use on all European makes of cars and most others.  There are 9 sets of specially shape..
£34.79 incl. VAT
£28.99 excl. VAT
Tapered Reamer
  This is an excellent tool for the body shop and workshop.  The tool reams and debuors, aligns and..
£19.98 incl. VAT
£16.65 excl. VAT
Toe Dolly
   This large drop-forged steel model is popular with body technicians.  It has a flat and low crow..
£31.80 incl. VAT
£26.50 excl. VAT
Unibit Drill
UNIBIT DRILL - This famous UNIBIT drill is an excellent aid for auto body and general automotive wor..
£29.86 incl. VAT
£24.88 excl. VAT
Universal (railroad) Dolly
        Used in every body shop for bumping and straightening dinging and finishing various portion..
£31.80 incl. VAT
£26.50 excl. VAT
Wedge (comma) Dolly
   A useful drop-forged steel dolly for work behind brackets, braces and other reinforcements on roo..
£38.04 incl. VAT
£31.70 excl. VAT
Wheel Masker
WHEEL MASKER protect tyres and wheels from overspray and are quick and simple to fit; saving time, e..
£35.99 incl. VAT
£29.99 excl. VAT

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