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Dynotab - Power Booster X2

Dynotab - Power Booster X2
Dynotab - Power Booster X2
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What is Dyno-tab®?
It is a fuel additive, which simply means it is added to fuel to improve or add certain performance characteristics of the fuel.

  • Contains 100% active ingredients

  • Dissolves completely

  • No impurities that cause long-term engine wear

  • Will not clog fuel filters

  • Extends spark plug life

  • Will not damage catalytic converters

  • Does not contain MMT


How does it work?
Dyno-tab® is a combustion catalyst that helps your engine burn the fuel you buy more efficiently.

  • Increases the rate of fuel burn, which increases pressure on the piston, thus providing increased power.

  • Causes a more complete burn of fuel, which improves economy and reduces emissions.

  • Lowers the temperature at which carbon deposits will burn, so that your engine can eliminate such power-robbing deposits during normal engine use.

  • Increases the octane of gasoline/petrol, resulting in the elimination of pre-ignition (knock).

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