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GoldenRod 470-15/16 Mesh Filter

GoldenRod 470-15/16 Mesh Filter
GoldenRod 470-15/16 Mesh Filter GoldenRod 470-15/16 Mesh Filter
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The GoldenRod Mesh Filter can be used in place of the paper cartridge that comes as standard with the GoldenRod 495 fuel filters. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, this mesh strainer GoldenRod filter can be emptied and cleaned of debris as it starts to collect impurities from the fuel. This makes it reusable rather than having to be replaced as the element gets full.

As it is only able to filter our larger particles in comparison to the other Goldenrod fuel tank filter elements, the mesh version is often seen used in conjunction with the paper cartridges. With the mesh version installed inline first, it is able to catch any large contaminants that have made their way into the tank such as rubble, grass or hay, leaving the paper one to filter out the smaller bits. This prevents premature blocking of new filter elements. The mesh element is also sometimes used temporarily in place of the paper cartridge when using a tank that hasn't been used in a while and the user isn't sure on the fuel quality, or where used cooking oils are being recycled to make biodiesel and is likely to contain larger contaminants.

Features of the GoldenRod Mesh Fuel Filter Element:

  • Mesh 40 (381 micron) or 80 (178 micron)
  • Stainless steel filter element
  • Use with GoldenRod filter housing & head (purchase separately)
Code Product Description Price (excl VAT)  


Code Accessory Price (excl VAT)  
CTJ1812 Stainless Steel Body
Mesh 80 / 178 micron
CTJ1811 Stainless Steel Body
Mesh 40 / 381 micron
CTJ1802 For use with GoldenRod filters £20.96
CTJ1818 Filter Head

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