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Brass Solenoid Valve

Brass Solenoid Valve
Product Code: AX155-050-24D
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This Brass Solenoid Valve is a direct acting valve, meaning that no pressure needs to be applied to operate, for a range of fluids including fuels, oils and water. As a normally closed solenoid valve, until the valve is activated the fluid flow is shut off. When the electrical current that runs through the coil inside the valve is energised, the valve opens and allows the flow of liquid through the pipework.

This brass solenoid valve is therefore designed for applications where fluid only needs to be released on occasions, such as to feed a generator with diesel from the back up storage tank. It could also be wired into a pump ensuring that fuel only enters the pipework from the tank when the pump is turned on.

  • Direct acting normally closed solenoid valve
  • Screwed BSP Parallel FXF
  • NBR diaphragm suitable for fuels, oils and water
  • Max. Temperature: 80°C
  • Available in sizes ½” to 1”
  • Available in 230v AC or 24v DC
  • AC ½” Working Pressure: 10 bar (air), 10 bar (water), 7 bar (light oil)
  • AC ¾” to 1” Working Pressure: 10 bar (air), 10 bar (water), 7 bar (light oil)
  • DC ½” Working Pressure: 6 bar (air), 6 bar (water), 4 bar (light oil)
  • DC ¾” to 1” Working Pressure: 6 bar (air), 6 bar (water), 4 bar (light oil)
Code Product Description Price (excl VAT)  
AX155-100-24D 1” Brass Solenoid Valve 24v 1"
24v DC
Normally Closed
AX155-075-24D ¾” Brass Solenoid Valve 24v 3/4"
24v DC
Normally Closed
AX155-050-24D ½” Brass Solenoid Valve 24v 1/2"
24v DC
Normally Closed
AX155-100-23 1” Brass Solenoid Valve 230v 1"
230v AC
Normally Closed
AX155-075-23 ¾” Brass Solenoid Valve 230v 3/4"
230v AC
Normally Closed
AX155-050-23 ½” Brass Solenoid Valve 230v 1/2"
230v AC
Normally Closed

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