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AMPS Power 2018 | MCPD

Don’t miss the Agriemach article on page 26 in issue 3 of AMPS Power 2018 (link) – where we explain more about the hazards of Nitrogen Oxides to human health, the medium combustion plant directive and how we can help reduce NOx from stationary engines.


A brief extract – “Scientific evidence links NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) exposure, ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours, with adverse respiratory effects including airway inflammation in healthy people – to increased respiratory symptoms in people with asthma.”


Ozone or smog is formed when NOx and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) react in the presence of heat and sunlight. These particles affect anyone that come into contact with them – they get deep into the respiratory system and alter lung tissue; causing a long term effect on human health.”


Most Susceptible; Children, the elderly and people with existing lung disease. This is the motivation for legislators to lower the limits.”


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