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Heylo - Air cleaner - HL400

Heylo - Air cleaner - HL400
Heylo - Air cleaner - HL400 Heylo - Air cleaner - HL400 Heylo - Air cleaner - HL400 Heylo - Air cleaner - HL400
Product Code: HL 400
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The Heylo HL 400 features 7 stage filtration -  Removing 99.9% of airborne bacteria, odours, pollen and dust. 

  • 1st Stage - Pre-Filter
  • 2nd Stage - Cold catalytic converter filter
  • 3rd Stage - Effective formaldehyde filter
  • 4th Stage - Antibacterial cotton filter
  • 5th Stage - Highly efficient HEPA filter (suspended matter filter) - 99.9% removal
  • 6th Stage - Sterilising UV Light
  • 7th Stage - Ionisation

The HL 400 air cleaner is a mobile air filter device. Air is sucked in from the environment and passed through a 7-stage filter system. The designer air cleaner filters bacteria, odours, pollen and dust. With the help of the filter system, the room air is filtered and pollutants are incorporated. The standard filter box consists of a pre-filter, cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial filter, main HEPA filter, sterilising UV-A light and ionisation. 

HL 400 Features:

  • Modern design air cleaner.
  • Filters bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, odours.
  • Standard filter box (HL 400) with 7-stage filter system.
  • Sterilizing UV-A light against bacteria (365 nm). 3-speed fan.
  • Automatic air quality control.
  • Elegant LED air quality display.
  • Whisper-quiet night operation.
  • Fragrance function.
  • Removable cover for easy filter change.
  • Can be controlled via WiFi via the app.

Numerous pathogens are normally found in untreated indoor air. This group includes mould spores, bacteria, animal hair and, above all, house dust allergens (mite excrement, excrement), but also heavy metals, soot and mineral fibres. Large amounts of these suspended matter develop, especially on warm days or during the heating season, and are swirled around with the house dust in the room air. After being absorbed via the respiratory tract, the particles come into contact with our mucous membranes and trigger the known allergy symptoms.

The HEYLO HL 400 air cleaner can significantly reduce the concentration of suspended matter and gases in order to generate healthy indoor air. The device is used in the following areas: Private apartments, offices, conference and training rooms, schools and authorities, practices and fitness centres. In all areas where people are, air purifiers can significantly improve the air quality.

What is included?

  • 1 x air cleaner HL 400
  • 1 x pre-filter
  • 1 x 2 in 1 carbon filter
  • 1 x 2 in 1 antibacterial certified HEPA filter
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x instruction manual
Technical data (with standard filterbox)
Article No.
Ventilator-air flow rate max. (m³/h)
Air flow rate max. (m³/h) with M-class filter
Electric connection (V / Hz)
Power consumption (kW)
Length / Width / Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Volume (dB(A) / 3 m)
Protection class (IP)
Room size with 3-fold air exchange / hr (ca. m²)
Room size with 5-fold air exchange / hr (ca. m²)
HL 400
230 / 50
200 / 400 / 600
32 - 44

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