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Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v

Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v
Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v Agriepure System 1 - 25 LPM - 110v
Product Code: Agriepure1-110
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What’s in the Box?

  • Complete Filtration System Assembly
  • 4 Metres of Suction Hose
  • 4 Metres of Delivery Hose
  • Hose Fasteners
  • IOM Manual
  • (Each System is Tested and Ready for Use Upon Arrival)

The Agriepure System 1 has been developed to filter 25 litres of diesel per minute. This system is generally used on small machinery such as Kubota diggers, small generators and tanks with small access points. It can be used for filtering any type of diesel in any type of tank.

System 1 uses 16mm hose on the suction and delivery sides, meaning that it is ideal for the smaller applications but while still producing 25 litres per minute of filtration.

The filter chamber holds a Racor Aquablock filter element which is coated with a resin. This filter will not allow any water past it. These filters also filter out particulates with the option of 2, 10 or 30 Micron. We also offer re-useable MESH elements for applications with heavy particulate content.

At the bottom of each filter chamber is a system which uses centrifugal force. This system gets the diesel spinning and enables the larger contaminants to be pushed down into the clear bowl. With the clear bowl being fitted, this allows you to see immediately; what type of contamination is in the tank. This also allows you to see which areas of the tank are most contaminated with sludge and rubbish, making the cleaning process more effective.

The Racor Diesel Biocide is a recommended extra for the aid of deep cleaning tanks and also killing off any living bacteria that is growing in the tank and contaminating the diesel. Living bacteria comes in the form of what we know as sludge in dirty tanks and this can be eliminated with the aid of diesel biocide.

If needed, Agriemach will develop upon request a system with a higher flow rate, or to filter other type of fluids.

To discuss your requirements with one of our filtration specialists, please call 01342 713743 or email info@agriemach.com

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