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NOxMASTER™ SCR | Bespoke Engineered Solutions

When retrofitting or planning a new installation of exhaust gas after treatment systems, space is almost always at a premium. This is why Agriemach design bespoke solutions based on each and every application.

Consideration must be taken for the overall requirement; typically not only to reduce the emissions/toxins from the exhaust gas, but also to provide silencing functionality within a compact design that will fit in the limited space provided and well within the maximum allowable backpressure of the specific engine.

For over 46 years Agriemach have been providing solutions to the industrial machinery market and here we have an example of a recent design for our NOxMASTER™ SCR System with Integrated Silencing down to 70 dB(A)@1m.

Engineering Solutions for over 46 years – it’s what we do!

For further information on our range of exhaust gas after treatment solutions, a copy of our reference list or simply to have a chat to learn more about how our technology works, please contact our Technical Sales Team | info@agriemach.com | +44 (0) 1342 713743 | www.agriemach.com 

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