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Did you know? | Agriepure™ Diesel Biocide Kills & Prevents Diesel Bug

Can you afford for your Emergency Diesel Generator to fail due to poor fuel quality?

All diesel fuel (especially with increasing Bio-blend) is susceptible to microbial growth, also known as diesel bug; which over a period of time builds up a sludgy residue within the tank, blocking fuel filters and degrading the quality of the fuel.

Agriepure™ Diesel Biocide is used as a “Preventative” or a “Cure” for Diesel Bug.

Size options: 500ml Bottle | 210 Litre Drum | 1000 Litre IBC

When our additive is used with any of our range of Agriepure™ Fuel Filtration & Polishing Systems, you are guaranteed to keep your Diesel Fuel clean and at its most optimised quality for when you need your assets to operate.

Agriepure™ Diesel Biocide is the No. 1 additive with a global reputation of high efficiency.

For further information on our range of additives, along with our full range of fuel filtration and polishing equipment, please contact our Fuel Filtration Specialists who will be pleased to walk you through our solutions.


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